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Published on July 17th 2017
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I created Results Dietetics because of how strongly I feel about empowering others to reclaim their lives through science-based nutrition. As we all know, nutrition can be extremely complicated and there are an unreal amount of harmful diets and eating programs floating around the internet. This blog is intended to be informative while providing easy, fun ways to improve the nutrition of you and your families. I will provide you with my perspectives on general nutrition as well as current nutrition research so that you are better able to make informed decisions about your nutrition and wellness. You can also look forward to quick and easy nutritious recipes and healthy food swaps where I will take a classic comfort food and provide ways to improve the nutrition without compromising the taste or texture.

My goal is to use this platform to answer many frequently asked nutrition questions and dispel common nutrition related myths. I will also be writing on topics that interest me personally such as weight loss, exercise performance, nutrition and fertility, how to improve nutrition during pregnancy, and how to support healthy eating within our families. I also want to write about topics that interest you. So if you have a nutrition topic or question in mind, feel free to suggest it by using the contact form on this website.

Through Results Dietetics I hope to impress upon my audience the importance of taking your nutrition seriously. It is my observation that nutrition is generally underappreciated in our culture. Nutrition has such a huge impact on our health, energy, and emotional stability. As a whole, we tend to lose focus and instead of eating to nourish and care for our bodies, we eat to fill emotional voids because we are bored, to be social, and for every other reason under the sun. And then when we don’t like the numbers on the scale we resort to quick fixes that are overly restrictive and usually short lived. Since we grow up thinking that this is normal, our society is persistently becoming sicker and sicker. Each year, obesity and obesity-related chronic diseases increase exponentially. According to the World Health Organization, [1] being overweight or obese is to blame for almost half of the world’s diabetes diagnoses, up to 40 percent of some types of cancers and approximately 20 percent of coronary artery disease. These three diagnoses are ranked among the top ten leading causes of death. Not surprisingly, the United States takes the prize as the most obese of the developed nations. We are currently looking at almost 36 percent of Americans who are at increased risk of death related to their obesity. What’s even more scary is that we are now finding that many who are considered a normal weight are being recognized as “skinny fat”. The CDC has come up with a more technical term: “TOFI”. TOFI stands for “thin outside, fat inside” [2] which is a condition where harmful visceral fat covers internal organs and increases the risk of chronic diseases.

So what is going on? How is it even possible that obesity has doubled in less than four decades and the prevalence of diabetes has quadrupled? [3] And what the heck is up with TOFI?

Being obese, overweight, or skinny fat is not just about eating too much food or lack of self-control. While overeating is certainly a part of the picture, the etiology of being overweight or obese is complex and involves genetics, inflammation, endocrine dysfunction, gut health and many other factors. And while there are many variables that you might argue are out of your control in terms of weight loss, there are so many elements that you can control which I’d argue make a larger impact. My intent through this blog and company is to support your investment in yourselves and your loved ones and to help you achieve optimal outcomes despite your personal obstacles.

I am so excited to be able to share my knowledge of food and nutrition and provide practical applications through my blog and individualized coaching. My mission is to create meaningful, evidenced based, easy to understand content that will inspire you to make changes so that you can become the healthiest and the fittest you’ve ever been.